Lesley Curwen is an award-winning broadcast journalist, presenter and moderator, with a 27 year career in the BBC before going freelance, and with a special interest in business and finance. Nic Vine has a long career in technology and business, working freelance over the last 20 years as a project and change manager in many industries.

Lesley and Nic are now both portfolio people, pursuing their professional and personal interests. Lesley has a passion for poetry, and Nic has a fascination with both fiction and non-fiction. It is a natural step for us to start a modest publishing enterprise as a channel for our own work, and in due course for those in our networks.

We relish learning new things and taking on new challenges, and the online and print publishing industry is certainly all of that. We acknowledge the help, support and efficient service received from all those listed on our Partners page.